Number Mania

Make numbers work for you


What could be better - a game that improves your mental arithmetic skills. There are numbers and operators (like + and ÷) and an equals sign. What to do? Make equations (left side equals right side). Then tap the equation to score and make room for more. Because all the time you are thinking more numbers and operators are floating in so if you don’t keep up the screen fills up and then, oh no, it’s game over.

Play Number Mania on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Here’s how to play

        Drag the tiles and join them to make equations.

        Tap an equation with two fingers to score.

        To separate two tiles, tap the one on the right.

        Minimum is 5 tiles in early levels but rises in higher levels.

        ^ means “to the power of” so 2^3 = 8, 2^1 = 2, 2^0 = 1.

        Integer arithmetic only so 7÷4 = 1.

        Extra points for using   ÷  x  ^  (  )

        More points for longer equations

        Keep making equations to move up the levels, 30 levels to go.

        Game over if you exceed 35 tiles in play.

        Can be any number but cannot be an operator. Only one allowed

        in each equation.

        Expressions in brackets get calculated first so 2x(4-1) = 6.