How to play - It couldn’t be easier

        atch the letters float in one at a time.

                rag the letters together to make a word.

                            ap with two fingers to score.

          eparate two letters by tapping the one on the right.

                                                    That’s all!

And a few tips for Marathon and Time Trial

> Minimum word length is three letters. In Marathon it rises to four at level 10 and five at level 20.

>Maximum word length is 12 letters.

> Get 25 bonus points if you make two words in a row that are longer than the current minimum length.

> Get bonus points  for using Q (40), Z (40), J (30), X (30), K (20).

         Put bonus tiles anywhere in a word.  x2 doubles the word score, x3 triples it. But no more than

         one of each per word.

        Jokers can be used for any letter - but only one per word.

Marathon only

> Adjust the game speed on the Marathon help page

> Double points time gives 15 seconds in which any word scores double.

> Watch out for the letter bombs that land five tiles at a time.

> There are 30 levels in the game.

> It’s game over when there are more than 25 letters on the iPhone screen or 30 on the iPad.

Time Trial only

> Choose how long you want to play on the Time Trial help page. The default is 3 minutes.


> Maximum word length is 12 letters

> Scoring is based on length of your word and the time taken

> No jokers or bonus tiles!

> You get hints after your first word

There’s Game Center too, with 13 leaderboards and 20 achievements to win! Sign in and see how well you are doing and what others have done.

Watch the letters float in, move them around to make words and tap them away to make room for more. In Marathon you can set your own speed, slower or faster. In Blitz you can get hints to guide you to the longest word.

See the WordSplash marathon video

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     ime Trial gives you games from 2 to 10 minutes long. There are always 12 letters on screen, just make as many words and get the highest score you can in the time limit.

     litz is the game for anagram lovers, your challenge is to make the longest word you can from the 15 letters on screen.

     arathon is a great word feast. Play as long as you can, making words as the letters drop in, and work your way up the 30 levels.

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